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Extra-Curricular Clubs

ISR Club "Abhimaan"

SFIMAR's ISR club " Abhimaan" is organizing a mini Marathon (first of its kind) on 09 Apr 2017 ( Sunday) on the theme "Run for better health and better environment". The details of the marathon are appended below for the information of all and their active participation.

Venue of the Marathon : Sanjay Gandhi National Park ( SGNP), Borivali East
Date and Time : 09 Apr 2017, 06.00 am to 07.30 am ( Reporting time - 05.45 am at SGNP entry gate)
Distance and route : 7 Kilometers from SGNP entry gate to Kanheri caves

Malay Club-“Christmas Crib Making and Exhibition”

Malay club organized a ‘CHRISTMAS CRIB MAKING’and CribExhibition on 2nd December2016. There were 8 groups who participated in the competition. The students had to make the cribsusing waste material.

The groupswere judged on parameters like creativity, utilization of waste material, low cost effectiveness and theme depiction.

The event was a great success. It was specially kept as Christmas was approaching.The main motive for organizing the Malay event was gathering everyone and working as a team.

Malay Club-“Sfimar Star Performer Award”

Malay club organized the SFIMAR Star Performer Award - Competition on 07thMarch2017. Students had to showcase their talent in form of dance, singing, solo act etc. in front of the audience. There were 9 students who participated in the competition.

All the groups were judged on parameters like confidence, time management, stage presence and technicality.

The event was a great success. It is rightly said that, “an ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises”. This was the main motive for organizing this event.

Malay Club-“Sand Art”

Malay club organized a ‘Sand Art’ competition cum Exhibition on 30thSeptember 2016. The time scheduled for the competition was from 3pm to 4pm. There were 10 groups who participated in the competition. The criteria that the students had to follow was to make maximum use of sand.

All the groups were judged on parameters like interpretation and clarity of theme, quality of artistic composition and overall design, overall impression of art, creativity and originality of theme.

The list of winners was declared on the sameday.

The event was a success. It is rightly said that, “Efficient team-working can transform the workplace.” This was the main motive for organizing the Malay event.

Prerna Club – “Zero to one crore workshop”

As Mr. Robert L Schwartz rightly said, “Entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and an actualizer. He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it, he sees exactly how to make it happen.”

Prerna Club, The Entrepreneurship Club at SFIMAR organized aWorkshop on the topic “ZERO TO ONE CRORE” on 15thOctober 2016 for our first year students. It was an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, to gain a meaningful insight into the nitty-gritty of building successful business models and strategizing their sustainable success by honing their entrepreneurial skills.

    Objectives of PRERNA club are:

  • Conceptualization of business ventures
  • Creation of a data bank of entrepreneurship cases
  • Interaction with entrepreneurs
  • Execution of micro ventures by incubating them
  • To provide information about various entrepreneurial ventures & opportunities available

The Workshop was conducted by Mr. Ishwar Jha, a dynamic entrepreneur and founder of Appetals Solution.He was the CEO/Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited & former CIO of Sony Music. He decided to start up Appetals Solutions Private Limited as a cutting-edge mobile and web Solutions Company, to augment his vision of becoming a social impact entrepreneur.

He has mentored entrepreneurs as a Tie Charter Member. During these mentoring sessions, he felt the need to help start-up entrepreneurs start their journey in a right way. He stepped up to this challenge byteaching entrepreneurship through his workshops. He has conducted over 40 workshops and mentored 100s of entrepreneurs.

Zero to One Crore Workshop aims to prepare entrepreneurs who are thinking of launching a new venture or scale their existing venture with the essential mind set, methods and tools for running a profitable business. With the help of this training, they can easily assess the opportunities and risks, build product/market fit and develop strategies that inspire confidence at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

Malay Club - Waste Newspaper Competition

The co-ordinators of Malay club organized a competition for the best utilization of waste newspapers on 04th September 2015. This event was conducted to inculcate a sense of team spirit among the groups taking part and to see how well the students work and organize tasks while working in a team with each other to come up with a unique innovation and creative idea within a time span of 1 hr. The time scheduled was from 3.30 to 4.30 pm. There were total 17 groups who participated in this competition. The criteria and the main challenges were, that the students were not allowed to use any readymade material. The objects had to be made only using Newspapers, Glitters, Fevicol and Paints etc. The students had to get all the materials required by themselves. During the on-going event our chairman Bro .Alphonse had come to see the team work of all the participants.

The exhibition was held on the same day after competition. Prof.Sanchayita Banerjee, Dr.SmitaJesudasan and our Director Dr. S SMohanty judged all the groups on parameters such as Creativity/Concept, Presentation, Usage of Newspaper and Utility.

The winners were declared the very same day. Out of 17 groups 2 robbed the attention with their creativity and other judgement parameters.

1st prize was won by students from PGDM (Swati, Pariddhi, Aditya, Roydon and Brahat).

2nd prize was won by MMS1 (Christabel, Aurella, Frenzia, Melissa and Pallavi).

Consolation Prize was won by MMS 2 (Khusbu.Z, Khusbu. P, Beryl, Dhanashree and Aparna). Additionally, judges also came up with 2 surprize prizes, i.e Best Creativity won by MMS 1 (Rosetta, Raveena .L, Marilyn and Lydia) and Best Utility won by MMS 1(Kalpesh, Calvin, Bianca, Amanda and Candice) MishtiiVora, KritikaGirdhani.

Abhimaan Club - Institute Social Responsibilities (ISR)

St Francis Institute of Management and Research is involved in the contribution to the community through its ISR SMT-Abhimaan. Every year a number of activities are carried out by the Staff, Students of SFIMAR. The details of the same are appended below:

Visit to Orphanages
Walkathon-Eye Donation Campaign
Blood Donation Drives
Afforestation Campaigns
Rural Visits for rural empowerment & rural development
AIDS Awareness Campaign
Global Warming Awareness Drive etc

Visit to swagat daya ashram, Haloli by SFIMAR’s Isr club abhimaan on 01 Dec 2015

On 01 Dec 2015, in commemoration of World’s AIDS day, SFIMAR’s Social Responsibility club, “ABHIMAAN” organized a visit to the SwagatDaya Ashram at Haloli near Virar on 01 Dec 2015. A 25 seater bus was hired for the visit and all the Abhimaan student coordinators (MMS and PGDM) participated. Along with the students, SFIMAR’s Chairman Brother Alphonse Nesamony, Abhimaan Club faculty coordinator Dr. G Ramesh and adjunct faculty member Lt Col Venkatraman (Retd) also participated. In the ashram, the inmates comprised of 22 AIDS affected children and 21 Old age personnel. The student coordinators organized various games both indoor and outdoor, a drawing competition and also played cartoon videos such as Tom and Jerry etc. The students also organized a cake cutting for the children and the elderly people present. Towards the end of the program, all the children and all the elderly personnel were presented with gifts and shawls respectively. Brother Alphonse Nesamony delivered a vote of thanks and extended his blessings to all those present. The visit was indeed a very memorable one and provided yet another sense of belonging ness and fulfillment of our social obligations to the society.

Motivational talk and blood donation camp 2015 organized by sfimar’s isr club abhimaan on 18 nov 19 nov 2015 in association with bhagwati hospital , borivali west.

On 19th November, 2015, Abhimaan Club of St. Francis Institute of Management and Research (SFIMAR) successfully conducted the annual 'Blood Donation Camp' as part of activities aimed towards Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR). The Camp was oraganized in association with Bhagwati Hospital, Borivali (West).

Abhimaan Club conducted a pre-event for the Blood Donation on 18th November for the students, faculty and staff. For the pre-event the college invited Dr. Shubha Raul, ex-mayor of Mumbai, as the chief guest. Also invieted were resource pesrons from Bhagwati Hospital who shed light on critical information related to blood donation. The doctors from Bhagwati Hospital clarified facts regarding blood donation like eligibility of donors along with poppular myths surrounding the donation of blood. Dr. Shubha Raul with her inspiring speech appealed the young crowd to regularly donate blood as a way of contributing to the sevice of the nation. She mentioned her own experience of donatng blood for first time so as to motivate the girls who wanted to donate blood for the first time. She further gave examples of people who donate blood as a way to lead a healthy life.

The pre-event talks presented by eminent people certainly motivated the young crowd of the college. Students and staff enthusiastically came out for donating blood the next day taking time from their busy academic schedule. After inquiring essential background information donors were tested for blood pressure and hemoglobin by doctors from the Bhagwati Hospital. Approved donors were then carefully guided through the blood donation process by the nursing staff. Like every year Abhimaan Club Faculty co-ordinator Prof Dr. G. Ramesh was the first person to donate blood. Student co-ordinators kept note of every registrations and wrote the names of successful donors on the hall of fame board at the entrance of the venue.

The camp was an influential event for many first time donors. For every donor there were certificates and badges awarded as a token of appreciation.

PRERNA - Entrepreneurship Workshop

Objectives of PRERNA club are:

  • Conceptualization of business ventures
  • Creation of a data bank of entrepreneurship cases
  • Interaction with entrepreneurs
  • Execution of micro ventures by incubating them
  • To provide information about various entrepreneurial ventures & opportunities available.

A workshop on entrepreneurship development activities was organized by Rozylone on 25th Feb. 2014
A workshop on Idea Generation & Starting New Business Ventures 20th Sept. 2014 for MMS-1 and PGDM -1 students.
A Seminar in association with IIM-A & Nurture Talent Academy on‘How to write a Business Plan‘held on 25th Oct 2014.
A two day workshop on ‘How to write a Business plan’ held in the month of Nov 2015 for MMS-I and PGDM-I students.

Sports Club

The annual sports events include games like football, Volleyball, Badminton and Throw- ball organized at the SFIMAR campus. This event is followed by the distribution of gifts and trophies. The club also organizes Intra college football tournaments, which help the students to develop their team work and team spirit. The sports events bring out a competitive spirit among students and inculcates self-discipline, time management and grooms their overall personality.

Adventure Club

In November 2015, the faculty members accompanied by the club coordinators went trekking to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It was a two hour climb through the forest. The faculty members helped each other through the treacherous curves and edges. They practiced the art of team work while on the trek.

Green Club

The primary objective of green club is to promote "green activities" among all the stakeholders of SFIMAR and bring out a sense of responsibility in improving the conditions of environment among them.

The objectives of the club are

  • To make our campus green
  • To spread the message about conserving resources and living a sustainable life style
  • To encourage research on sustainability

Film Screening Club

The Film Screening Club selects award winning Movies, Short Films, Documentaries etc. based on management concepts and screens them for MMS & PGDM Students. The Movies screened by the club are followed by a detailed discussion focusing on the learning’s from the movie. The Club promotes experiential learning and Edutainment.